Fruits have key vitamins and nutrients that we need to be healthy. in my practice I meet patients on a daily basis that are challenged with such conditions as constipation, obesity, hypertension, neuropathies to name but a few. most of these ailments can be prevented by among many other things a good intake of fruits. I often ask my patients why they do not take fruits and the common answer is that fruits are expensive.

This may be true or may not be. We have a challenge as Africans, colonialism not only convinced us that a white man is superior in colour and thought but it left us feeling and thinking a white man’s everything is superior to the point that we feel and think food from the west is the best and yet it is the waste.

it is almost true that when i say fruit, what comes to the mind of an African is Apple, peach, grapes, oranges and bananas. and yes these fruits are expensive because most of them are exotic. A good chunk of them are not just expensive but also unhealthy to eat.

having been grown by questionable means, ripened by questionable means and preserved by questionable means. when I say fruit an African does not think of masau, mahuluhulu, munzinzila, munjikanjika, namulomo, etc.

these are health fruits that are naturally and organically farmed by nature. they may be seasonal yes but why can’t the African farmer think of farming these fruits. our natural habitat supports them. yet our farmers go on to struggle farming fruits that are naturally not adapted to our environment.

This is the reason why the only time we eat fruits is when we are in E 21 bed 14 at UTH. but just as you can’t gain muscle by lifting a 200kg daily because you have to face The undertaker in two weeks time so can’t you get the nutritional value of fruits by masticating fruits for the two weeks that you are admitted in hospital.

like I have repeatedly said our God is not racist that he would have put vitamins in the apples of Europe and not in the namulomo of shangombo. Decolonisation of the mind should begin with health professionals. if you are going to tell a patient from kuku that you should be eating and Apple everyday at best you are a witch doctor and at waste a witch. how on earth will someone from kuku be buying an Apple everyday.

nutritionists could you come up with and African nutrition course that clearly tells us what is in every African herd and fruit. Because my people will not use money they don’t have to buy pomegranates.

Comrade those fruits that don’t sit in the fridges of the super market but are on the open road of Soweto just need some washing and the enzymes are ready to make you healthy. They will do you more good than the chemical loaded stuff you are picking from those shelves. Not only would you have empowered that woman and fed her kids by buying from her you would have saved your soul.

if you asked me I will tell you that the high rise in lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension etc.. is in a black man’s running after a white man’s way of life. DNK.



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