Comrade don’t allow Satan to massage you into poverty, failure or sleep, wake up and start running remember “there is a race you must run, there are victories you must win, ask the Lord for power, every hour to be true.” in the words of Jabu..

I will share with you the four stepped formula I use to attain my goals but first let me bring you to a quick speed of what has been happening as i have had little time to update you.

I have three speaking appointments today so am up and preparing.. Always remember that those that sleep in youth will be awake in old age and the opposite is true. My day looks like this on my speaking appointments.

1) 08-10hrs Pareizi: Entrepreneurship

2) 10-12hrs Chilanga: Entrepreneurship

3) 14-15hrs DNK Consortium House: Anatomy of the poplitieal Fossa.

Last week ran so fast as I had several speaking appointments, on Sunday i was addressing SASM A group of brilliant Medical missionaries from our school of medicine UNZA who invited me to give a presentation on entrepreneurship.

On wednesday i had my ZNBC TV interview where i was addressing issues of self prescription and self medication.

On Friday I found myself in Emasdale speaking to primary school kids at a motivation and inspiration event that was organised by Mr Sikazwe a briliant and passionate teacher who says he got motivated to hold inspirational events for kids after he read my book Be Exceptional. We donated 30 Be Exceptional books to these kids. if we can change the mindset at that age then Zambia is set for greatness.

Yesterday I was speaking to students at City University on how to attain success in your sphere. Deriving my discourse from the first six chapters of Daniel under the title “Rules of the game.” Below I share with you the simple formula that I use to hit my goals.

1. Ask yourself this question what must I do to attain this goal?. without asking this question and answering it to the last dot.. all what remains are wishes. all achieved goals began with a clear understanding not rumours or hear say but clear understanding of what is involved.

2. Make resolutions on committing yourself to the things inline with the process you must undergo to achieve the goal and a resolution to exclude all things nommater how good that are not inline with the dream. this will increase your efficiency.

3. Identify people that are critical to the realisation of that dream. make friends with them. this will leverage your input and get you into a network of like minded people. The friends you keep are instrumental to your dream.

4. Get down to work with all that you are and have towards that dream. expecting of yourself first nothing other than excellence.

This is the formulae that I use in all my endeavours after I have prayed for God’s blessing and guidance. Be Exceptional, Be irresistible. DNK.


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