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Our breif history

DNK Consultancy begun its operation in 2011 when the Managing Consultant was operating as a sole proprietor providing motivational talks and mentorship across Zambia. The business ventured into Medical Education Consultancy when the Managing Consultant joined Academia as a part time lecturer and fellow. His experience as an academician pulled him into the field of research in 2015. During this period of growth, the firm had been operating as a sole trade until it was incorporated in March of 2018 as a limited company. The firm has since been operating under its three arms of Medical Education, Research and Entrepreneurship.

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[m_info_box type=”1″ title=”DNK BUSINESS CONCEPT, MORE ABOUT US” link=”|title:Get%20in%20touch||” link_text=”get in touch”]DNK General Consultancy provides a wide range of products and services under its three arms which are academics, research and entrepreneurship. Below are the details of the products and services that we offer.[/m_info_box]
[m_step_points][m_step_point active=”work-active” title=”AIM”]To see our clients actualise their academic research or entrepreneurship aspirations.[/m_step_point][m_step_point title=”VISSION STATEMENT”]Our vision is to be a global leading centre of self-actualisation via provision of exceptional solutions.[/m_step_point][m_step_point title=”VALUES”]Diligence: providing our services with optimum care and support.  Excellence: providing the best services that meet customer needs Exceptionality: being different and unique in our serviceb delivery[/m_step_point][/m_step_points]

The Works We Did


We just love publishing and our vision is to take the Publishing Industry in Zambia to another level .

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Leadership Team

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Message from CEO

Daniel Kabani

CEO / Lead Consultant

Mwaala Mooto


Bethel Kabani

Director- Finance & Administration

Steve Kabani


Our Team

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Lance Kabinga

Head -Sales & Marketing

Wesley Nkhata

Research Manager

Tamara Mkandwire

Communications Lead


Business Consulting Manager