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DNK General Consultancy provides a wide range of products and
services under its three arms which are academics, research, Marketing and
entrepreneurship. Below are the details of the products and services
that we offer.

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To be a centre for exceptional solutions on entrepreneurial, research
and academic problems through provision of expert technical support, mentorship and skills.

[m_about_box cut_corner_2=”left-bottom” image1=”9321″ image2=”9323″ title1=”Helping brands to” title2=”Achieve Success” quote=”“If in CHAINS Our Parents built America and Europe to what they are, we their children as free men and women should be able to do much more.“” quote_a=”Daniel Kabani” position=”CEO”]The approach that DNK has taken on providing its services and products is different from the traditional approach. Our services are tailor made to suit the ever changing global environment hence meeting the optimum needs of our clients.[/m_about_box]
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[m_info_box type=”2″ title=”We Maintain Best & Optimum Results” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fdnkconsult.com%2Fcontact%2F|title:get%20in%20touch||”]Our model is operated on a hybrid basis through centralised, de-centralised, retail, home based, office bound, and online service delivery. This is for the purpose of meeting our clients’ needs with the highest level of proficiency[/m_info_box]
[m_feature_info types=”center” type=”pixcustom3″ icon_pixcustom3=”icon-pencil” css_animation=”bounceIn” animation_settings=”custom” wow_delay=”0.3″ icon_pixflaticon=”flaticon-settings” image=”9327″ title=”Publishing”]Everyday we working to be better, Our Expertise,Our Service delivery
Our Industry networks. We do all this just so we can serve you better and contribute to the growth of the publishing industry in Zambia.
[m_feature_info types=”center” type=”pixcustom3″ icon_pixcustom3=”icon-shield” css_animation=”bounceIn” animation_settings=”custom” wow_delay=”0.6″ icon_pixflaticon=”flaticon-settings” image=”9327″ title=”DIGITAL MARKETING”]With the change and evolution of modern technologies, small and medium businesses are doing everything they can to keep up, which can be said true for the rest of human society.[/m_feature_info]
[m_feature_info types=”center” type=”pixcustom3″ icon_pixcustom3=”icon-support” css_animation=”bounceIn” animation_settings=”custom” wow_delay=”0.9″ icon_pixflaticon=”flaticon-settings” image=”9327″ title=”ENTREPRENEURSHIP”]DNK runs an SME development program called Zambia Entrepreneurs Mentorship Program (ZEMP) that assists prospective entrepreneurs to establish viable businesses.[/m_feature_info]
[m_feature_info types=”center” type=”pixcustom3″ icon_pixcustom3=”icon-heart” css_animation=”bounceIn” animation_settings=”custom” wow_delay=”1.2″ icon_pixflaticon=”flaticon-settings” image=”9327″ title=”MEDICAL RESEARCH”]DNK provides guidance and technical support to undergraduates and postgraduate students. Our consortium houses thirty medical  scholars, practitioner & researchers from different institutions around the globe.[/m_feature_info]
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DNK will be establishing an investment plan where entrepreneurs who undergo training at the firm are assisted to ascertain available investment ventures to undertake. These investment plans will be implemented through the establishment of investment clubs consisted of entrepreneurs with similar business interest.